Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily EO Uses

Hello blog world. It has been almost a year since I last wrote. :(  And along with that, it has been a year since I bought my essential oils that started everything!

It has been an awesome journey in learning to use the oils and sharing them along the way.
I have been trying to get my friends and acquaintances aware of essential oils and I wanted to share examples of how I use the oils in my everyday routines.

-OnGuard Toothpaste
-OnGuard is a protective blend that helps your body's immune system. I have this in a roller bottle diluted with almond oil to roll on the bottom of my feet every morning.
-OnGuard Spray: I have a couple drops of OnGuard mixed in water to clean my dogs teeth. I spray this on a cotton round and wipe down her gums and teeth every couple days.
-Produce Spray: I have a few drops of lemon oil (or OnGuard) in a spray bottle full of water. I use this to spray fresh fruits and vegetables. Spray and let it sit for a few minutes, then wash off as usual.
-Peppermint: I have a roller bottle with a peppermint/almond oil mixture. Mine is diluted about 1:2 ratio. I keep this in my purse for headaches or minor nausea.
-Solace: This is now sold as Clary Calm. It is a special blend of oils to help with balancing hormones and other issues centered menstruation.
-Frankincense: I have a roller bottle filled with almond oil and about 10-15 drops of Frankincense. I use this on minor cuts and scrapes. Frankincense helps prevent scarring, is an anti-inflammatory, and helps the body prevent infection among many other things.

-Wintergreen: I dilute a couple drops of wintergreen in a squirt of almond oil and rub on my muscles before a workout. Wintergreen helps to tone and develop muscles.
-Eucalyptus: I dilute this about 1:1 with a carrier oil and rub on sore/overworked muscles.
-Deep Blue is great before and after workouts. I have bad knees and I put on dilutes Deep Blue before my workouts. I have this in a roller bottle also for headaches.  Deep Blue Rub is a concentrated cream heaven on my sore muscles after a hard workout.
-Balance is a blend I use daily. I have it in a roller bottle at work and at home. At work I rub it on my wrists when I need to relax during a crazy day.  At home, I roll it on my spine at night before bed to relax.  This is also nice to diffuse. I love the smell :)
-Serenity: This blend is one I am still getting used to the scent of. It is great for insomnia, and relieving anxiety, tension, and stress, just to list a few. I have it diluted in a roller with FCO. I roll this on my feet every night before bed and massage it in for a minute. I have been sleeping much better since I started this routine.

Some of these oils I use everyday, some I use every couple days as needed. These roller bottles and oils are a staple in my household. If you are considering buying some essential oils, these are some simple ways they can benefit you and your family.