Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cupcakes: Take 1

So I decided about a week ago, that I should start trying to make cupcakes.. Plus, I was bored. So I attempted to make red velvet cupcakes. Granted, they were not red, but they were delicious.
Note the "purple" batter. I tried to make it purple cake. Didn't work so well. However I did add a tsp of Meringue Powder to the mix, and it made the cake fluffier and a nicer texture in my opinion.

My three scoop sizes. I experimented with how they would rise using different amounts.

This one, with the one large scoop was about perfect height for my liking. ^^

Pretty iced cupcakes! <3 The frosting needs some work as far as taste goes, but I did make it all from scratch. Its a start!

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