Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Tuesday Post

Today I have a couple of things to share. First off, check out this awesome blog/website that I follow, Kevin & Amanda! I have been looking for desserts to make while we are without oven for the next few months. I came across this recipe, BEHOLD! If you know me (and David) we LOVE our ice cream.

I read through Amanda's recipe and the majority of the comments from here readers versions. The first time, I made her recipe for Smore's ice cream. It was wonderful around the 2nd day, when it had all set and been mixed well. I am in a hotel right now and do not have access to a mixer, nor did I even have a whisk. I struggled to get the cream whipped up and finally gave up on it. I decided I would try to use what I had in my ice cream. The only mistake I made was not whipping the cream into the SCM and toppings. The cream froze a lot faster and separate from the rest. This was not good. Finally, when it had all froze, it got mostly combined.

Needless to say, I wanted to give myself a second shot at it. I walked around Walmart in a daze trying to decide what flavors to put in it. I finally decided on strawberry and chocolate. I bought strawberry ice cream topping and dark chocolate chips. David helped me whip the cream, but it still wasn't whipped to soft peaks. I put most of the strawberry topping in and about a 3/4 or a cup of the chocolate chips. NOW, differently from the original try, when we added everything together, David whipped all the ingredients until combined. It made a world of difference when it finally froze! David loved it!

I also wanted to share another cute trick I did today in the kitchen... I am truly a child in the fact that I love mac and cheese with hot dogs.  Well I found out today you can boil the pasta and hot dogs at the same time! That's great in my book!

All for now folks!

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