Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Window Valence (Cornice)

I am starting off with a photo of the finished product. You might be surprised to know what it is actually made from. In My Own Style made one similar and had a written tutorial I tried to follow for mine, but without photos, I did my own thing. Hoping this tutorial will help you!

This project started off with wardrobe boxes (Thanks Jerri Ann for the boxes!) Anything smaller wouldn't have worked for our windows.

I used a tape measure and yard stick to mark the box. For our spare bedroom windows (all my base friends listen up..) it was 50 inches long, with 2 inches on each end of the corner folds, so 54 inches total. I made mine 12 inches tall. The edges can be a bit hard to fold accurately. I used the closed blade of scissors to bend the cardboard over for an accurate fold. (See finished product if you are confused on the 'fold')

You will need batting to go under the fabric. I got this roll of 45in x 60in from JoAnns. Lay the batting under the valence piece and trim off the excess. You only need about 1/4 inch of extra batting along the egdes. 

I used Clear Tacky Glue to attach the batting. Just a thing layer is okay. Modge Podge might work also. It doesn't need to be attached tightly, because the fabric layer on top will be attaching both pieces on. Let this batting layer dry.

Cut your fabric the same way you did the batting, but with about and inch (or more if you want) extra on all sides. I wish I had left more fabric around the edges. Iron the fabric you cut.

Now you are going to line up the fabric on top of the batting. This is where it was a little tricky, because there isn't an easy way to pin the fabric to the cardboard. Hot glue both edges and then it will stay put better to glue around the outside. When gluing, stretch the fabric around the edge and glue it into the back side. Do this all the way around.

The hanging was easier than I thought. It helps to have two people because the window is almost too wide to hold a tape measure on both sides and make the marks.  You will use L brackets to hang it. Decide which side you want to be the top and attach the brackets to the valence. (1 on each top corner) The easiet way was to just hot glue them to the valence. 

The nails need to be measured apart so the brackets can hang on the nails.

I love the finished product! David hates that I use cardboard to decorate, but I read once "What cannot be seen, can be easily faked". I COMPLETELY agree. If it looks good and serves its purpose, then I don't care what I made it out of! I am being resourceful and recycling! :)

Hope this helps! Feel free to comment with any questions!

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