Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Homemade Tile Coasters

This project was super easy! I think it took the husband and I longer to pick out the tiles than it did for me to put the coasters together.
You will need:
  • Tile coasters of your choice
  • Non-Slip drawer & shelf liner
  • Hot glue gun & glue

 -Start with your coaster. We choose ones that had a more 'finished' edge instead of just a flat cut edge. They looked like coasters before we even began!

-Cut pieces of the drawer liner to roughly the size of the tile, or a little smaller.

-Warm up your hot glue gun and run a glue strip on the inside of the tile and then one along the outside. Place the liner onto the glue. Let dry upside down (liner up). Repeat with other coasters

-Once it is dry, they are ready to use! Not only do they not slip on our tables, they look great!

**If you want to get fancy, you can get plain tiles and use scrapbook paper squares to dress them up. Use a layer of Modge Podge under the paper and on top of it. Let dry before using!

See, super easy and beautiful coasters! Enjoy!

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