Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top Seven Sundays

This week I am going to be featuring the Top Seven craft 'pins' or projects I want to try! I just recently started a different shift at work and I am hoping I will have more time to start getting crafty! (Not in any order)

1. Platform Bed: This bed is gorgeous and you can stain the wood however you like. The wood doesn't seem to be any more expensive than buying a bed either! Plus David says it would be pretty easy to make. Hoping we get on this soon because our bed is on the floor!

2. Painted Pinecones: I have actually started this one and can't wait to put them out in my hurricane vase!

3. Casserole Carrier: The way we have been having get-togethers and the way I bake, one of these would be great! Not sure if I can handle making it or not though.

4. Shower Curtain: Our Master showers here were ridiculousy built and a normal shower curtain just doesn't fit! This seems pretty easy using a sheet or a fabric pattern.

5. Rag Quilt: This is something that I think I can do, but would take a little bit of trial and error and maybe some youtube videos. Its probably not actual quilting, but I love the stripes!

6. Refashion Men's Shirt: I actually have two men's button-up shirts from GoodWill that I am going to play around with and try to make a dress or a cute women's shirt! Wish me luck!

7. Unpaper Towels: This would take some convincing with my husband, but I love the idea of getting rid of paper towels. I would have to make sure these got washed quickly to be reused, but fabric 'paper' towels would be fun!


  1. Kelsey and I have gotten rid of paper towels and haven't looked back. Save money and I got to buy super cute towels and napkins! I like the bed idea too! I want to do something similar.

  2. You just gave me the best idea for Christmas Decorating with the painted pinecones. Looks a lot more modern than plain ones!

  3. Thank you for commenting! Love to read comments! Valerie: I am hoping we get going on this bed project in the next month or so. Something for you to conquer when you and Kelsey move back in together!

    Victoria, I am doing them in shades of red and turquoise so far.