Monday, November 7, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

I threw this recipe together one night. We had extra chicken and this is pretty easy!
You'll need: about 1/2 pound chicken (I used breast), about 3 tablespoon butter, fresh garlic, your favorite hot sauce, tortillas, cheese, lettuce and whatever toppings you enjoy!

I cut up the chicken into smaller chunks and put it in a heated, oiled pan. Cut your butter and start melting it in a sauce pan for the buffalo sauce. Prep your garlic.

Mince or use a garlic press to smash the garlic. Place this in the melted butter. Let the garlic saute a few minutes. Add hot sauce to the butter/garlic. I added quite a bit. Just add some, and taste. If you need to add more, keep tasting =). By the way, we love Texas Pete hot sauce! It is super cheap and awesomely good!

When the chicken is done cooking, shred it in the pan and keep on low to keep warm. When the buffalo sauce is where you like it, add to the chicken. Heat on low for a couple minutes. Enjoy in tortillas with lettuce, cheese, ranch, and anything else you have around! =)

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