Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Halloween Costume!

So this Halloween I dropped the ball a little bit and put off deciding on Halloween costumes. Usually I like to come up with a couple costume, but I know hubby just does it to make me happy so I decided on my own this year... [Violet] Incredible! Yes, the Disney Character! And I didn't want to search for a shirt or buy a whole costume anywhere.

 You will need:
-Red t-shirt (I prefer fitted)
-printed logo
-White, yellow, orange, and black Acrylic or fabric paint
-Paint brushes
-Sewing pins
-Sewing Tracing wheel

 I wouldn't recommend the brushes above. I didn't want to spend more on brushes just for this and I got what I paid for :(

First, I found a logo from Google Images and printed it in grayscale. No need to waste ink. Cut around the logo and pin it on your shirt. Make sure it is centered.

(Sorry for the blurry photo) Use the tracing wheel to mark the edge of the logo and where the different color sections start. Press hard enough to see the marks on the shirt.

Look closely and you can see the markings on the shirt.

Start painting! I used a small brush the stay within the lines of the logo. 

The paint brushes left a splotchy cover. I went over it with a foam brush for much better coverage.

I used a small foam brush for touch-ups.

Voila! I think it is pretty good!

The whole costume includes red tights, black shorts, the shirt and black face make-up for the mask.

Hope you get inspired by this just in time for Halloween!

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  1. Very nice! Just FYI, I've gotten Crayola paintbrushes for the boys before, and for $5, they're pretty darn good. : )