Monday, October 1, 2012

Map Wall Art

A few of my friends have been really irritated that I posted about a new project but hadn't shared any details. Well loyal readers, here is that project!

As some of you already know, I am a military wife. I have always loved the artwork on Pinterest with a 'home' state or different states you have called home. This is a perfect way for us to display the places we have lived and loved!

Now, I do use a lot of Photoshop [Elements], but I think most of it can be done in Paint if you want to try your own! I am just very familiar with PS so it is my go-to for any editing. I am going to walk you through the whole process.

I started out with the regular school colored state maps. I originally was going a whole different way with this and was going to keep the colored map part.

 I used an eraser tool and a magnetic lasso tool to take the background from around both maps. Then I made a black border around the edge of each map with the paintbrush tool.

I was going to make the maps black on white, but then I remembered that our walls are cream colored and I wanted to reverse the colors to make them stand out more.  The hearts are a Font For Peas Font, Ellie Bellie. (Available for free at Kevin & Amanda) And the hearts are placed in the two cities David and I have lived in together. Found the quote from a google search. Love it! So fitting for us as a military family!

Once I got the prints how I liked them, I ordered them from I highly recommend them for photos! The shipping is quick and if you sign up for emails, they have deals all the time!

I got them in 12x12 because those were the sizes of my canvases at home. I trimmed about 1/8 inch off each side.  Now grab some wax paper, a brush and your Mod Podge!

 Place your photo face down on the wax paper and cover the back with a thin layer of Mod Podge. (The The Sassy Pepper did this with photos and placed Mod Podge on the canvas to dry first.) I didn't do this step.
Use a towel to smooth out the canvas. I also flipped it over since the canvas isn't supported in the middle. Let dry for 20 minutes. When it has dried, carefully brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the photo.

 Be sure to keep the Mod Podge thin and even over the photo. Let dry 20 minutes. I also did a second coat because my first wasn't quite even and you could tell.

Now again, originally I planned on leaving the edges white, but it didn't look finished at all. I used an acrylic black paint and foam brush to paint the edges of my photo canvases.

 This is not where I will keep them (I took down my other canvases so I could hang these for the photo) I love these and especially the quote. With moving from our home state and possible deployments, this quote hits it right on the head! <3



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