Thursday, November 8, 2012

Front Porch Christmas Tree

I have seen variations of this all over Pinterest, most without tutorials. I decided to take a stab at it.  Surprisingly really easy. This only cost me about $10. I got the cage for free from a neighbor and already had the fishing line. You could also use lights you may already have. I didn't want to dig mine out so I bought a couple shorts strands. It also only took me about 10-15 minutes to make!

You Will Need:
*Large (~3ft) Tomato Cage
*2- 18ft Green garland
*2-50 count lights
*Clear fishing line

Here are your supplies. I actually only used 2 of the strands of lights, not 3. And you can substitute something else for the fishing line, like green thread. You just don't want to notice it.

DO NOT USE THREAD FOR THIS...Use a stronger tie (zip-tie if you have one) to close up the top of the tomato cage.

Start at the top with the garland and begin wrapping around the cage. When you run out of the first strand of garland, tie the other to the end with your line. Space the garland out and wrap the whole cage first then actually attach them. Attach at the top and on all the main 'rings' with fishing line tot he garland stays put.

Go back through and cut all the fishing line.

Start at the bottom with the plug end of the lights and wrap around the whole tree.  Where the second strand of lights connect, hide the tags and plug in with the garland.
My lights came bound with twist ties so I used a couple of these to attach the lights at the bottom and top of the tree. 

Love this! Makes me so excited to decorate for real! I am either going to place the tree on/in a planter on the front porch or making an impromtu 'tree skirt' so you don't see the bottom of the cage. I also want to hang a couple ornaments of candy canes on it too!


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