Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Dinner

I have something special to share with you! For Christmas in my [parents] house we have an italian dinner, usually ravioli or some type of stuffed pasta. If was a tradition brought down my my father, grandmother and great-grandmother. Now, while I will not be sharing the recipes, I thought I would let you see what a wonderful dinner we had!

The main part of the dinner is what we call 'Banana Macaroni'. This name was affectionately dubbed by my great-grandmother, however it is basically a crepe stuffed with our family ravioli filling. 

Here is the ravioli filling, a mixture of ground beef, spinach, parm. cheese and some spices/herbs.

To cook the crepes, butter a sauté pan slightly. Scoop some of the batter on the pan and let it cover the bottom.

Flip the crepes halfway through, and then you have a stack as you go.

Mmm, here comes the filling. We did an assembly line. My sister scooped the filling and I rolled the macaronis.

Keep rolling...

We made an alfredo pan and a red sauce pan. Cover the bottom of the pan first, layer the macaronis and then cover with more sauce. (Like making enchiladas!) They bake in the oven until hot. And they are delicious! =)

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