Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wrapped Headphones

So I have seen a couple of these done of Pinterest, and decided I would do it myself. I lost a green pair of my headphones, and had to replace them with normal black ones. I wanted to spice them up a bit. The others I have seen use embroidery floss or yarn, but I found this Crochet thread and it is great!

The boring headphones

Crochet Thread that I found at Hobby Lobby. Loved these colors, blue, grey purple-y! It isn't really thick, but it is strong enough.

You will need to knot the thread at the bottom of the cord. It will be wrapped in 3 sections, the main cord, the left and the right cords. I knotted it once, wrapped, tied and knotted it again to be sure.

I unrolled a large amount of the thread and wound it into a ball. For the method I am using to cover it, I need an ending point. You will see below. (Although I am sure you could do this method with the whole skein, this was easier)

From right to left, pull the thread over the cord, making a 'loop'. From the right working left, go under the cord and through the loop. You will pull this tight. It will make a tiny hump in the yarn. This is a friendship bracelet technique. 

It will take a couple of times around to see how the 'bump' in the thread can be controlled. Work in a slow, circular motion with the bumps in the thread.  You will knot off this section when done. Do the left and right cord sections the same as the first! It will be a long process, but it is easy to do watching tv or a movie, and the end result will be one of a kind!

Drop by after Christmas to see my finished headphones! =)

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