Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuffed Jalepeno Stuffed Burgers

Okay, if you are reading the title of this post you are probably thinking I am getting a little ambitious. The truth is, I didn't actually make the stuffed jalepenos just to stuff them into burgers. Leave the poppers to my friend, Victoria. They are pretty simple, but delicious. She cleans out the peppers and stuffs them with a cream cheese/sausage mixture and wraps them in bacon. OH YES!

Anyway, we had a get-together recently and she sent me home with a platter FULL of these poppers. What better to do then put them into a new recipe! My husband thinks I am silly, but I enjoy re-using stuff!

You will need:
  • Leftover Stuffed Jalepenos (or something similar)
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • seasonings
  • Cheese
Start with putting your hamburger into a bowl and adding the basic seasonings. I used creole seasoning, pepper, and garlic.

Now look at those delicious jalepenos! Dice them up into small pieces.

Add those pieces into the mixture. Combine well with your hands. If making ahead, keep this is in the fridge to get a nice flavor for a couple hours.

Now time to patty them up. I chopped up more stuffed jalepenos for this. Divide your meat into 4 or 5 equal amounts for 4-5 burgers. Form a patty shape and then make a 'bowl' in the middle for the filling and some cheese. I used white american sliced cheese. Then close it up as best you can around the filling.

Here they are stuffed and in the pan to cook!

If you sealed them well enough, the shouldn't ooze too much in the pan.

Oh my goodness! These were so juicy and delicious! It makes me consider stuffing a burger with a cream cheese mixture! Maybe a coming recipe?! =)
Hope you think these look yummy and I inspire you to use some leftovers to stuff your burgers.. maybe superbowl snacks?

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