Monday, November 12, 2012

'Give Thanks' Pinterest Inspired Mantel

Two posts in one day! I am on a roll. I have been pouting for awhile about not having a mantel. I keep finding all these cool ideas from Pinterest of how to decorate for the holidays or anytime!

Well I decided to make my own 'mantel'. We have a small wall opposite of our dining room and between our living room and entry way.  I have a large photo over a bookshelf on that wall since we first moved in and never thought of moving it. Well after looking at the bookshelf and the perfect placement of the wall, I decided I could make the top of it my makeshift mantel!

Well the timing couldn't be better, so I am starting with a Thanksgiving/Fall theme! A Diamond in the Stuff has a whole post of themed mantel decorations. I was inspired by her Thanksgiving one and have wanted to make a word pennant for awhile!

I had some issues originally with this. I mocked up my own pennants with letters through a Word document, however my printer wasn't liking my thick paper.  So I ended up making them from templates and I liked these smaller sized ones (3in x 4in)

The cardstock I used was sticker paper, so I just stuck them on the green backing paper.

I printed letters on regular printer paper and used a pencil to trace them onto the cardstock. I filled in the imprint made from the pencil with perm. marker to write the letters.

I used brown yarn to attach the letters together.

Use hot glue to attach the pennants onto the yarn.

I simply taped the yarn to the back on the frame (where it wouldn't be seen) and that is how I hung the pennants to the empty frame.  I had been saving this frame for something and I like how it works here. It is rustic and faux-wood (sadly not real wood).


I cannot wait to dress up my mantel for the next holiday! Hope you enjoy A Diamond in the Stuff and get some inspiration to decorate your own wall or mantel!

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